My Most-Worn Transeasonal Pieces In My Wardrobe.

Hi, my names Chesca and I’m a serial outfit repeater.

Can we collectively agree that wearing items once is not all it's hyped up to be? I‘m the type of person to really have no shame in repeating outfits — I‘ll even create errands that aren’t necessary, just so I can get full wear out of outfits I’m obsessed with. A good number of celebrities have been seen to re-wear certain pieces, so why does it still seem taboo? Maybe because it’s rarely seen on Instagram… It's more like a home for the fads and not a place for signature styles. God forbid anyone looks at my profile — I have three photos with the same outfit posted. Gasp! Let’s just promise each other that we will not let the toxicity seen on Instagram infiltrate how we want to dress. Just wear what you want.

The key to being an effective serial outfit repeater is to practice transeasonal styling. Whenever I buy something new, I’m always thinking about how I can take it through all four seasons. Here are my most-worn pieces and how I make them transeasonal:

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ZARA 70s style printed dress.

I have worn this dress a million times and I refuse to stop. This printed chiffon dress is great all year round, as it‘s very light for summer but also buildable for winter. For example, I have worn this dress in 45-degree celsius weather and in -5-degree celsius weather. Let me tell you how.

For hot weather, I keep it minimal and just add a brown retro-style crossbody bag, gold accessories, and a pair of lace-up brown sandals.

For the winter, I layer it with a basic knit sweater underneath, wear a wide black velvet gold buckle belt over the knot feature, throw on a chunky faux fur cream coat, and some long cream leather heeled boots.

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ZARA black velvet tuxedo.

I am an avid suit-wearer. They’re my favourite go-to piece and I think everyone needs a handful in their wardrobe.

This tuxedo is the best outfit for those events that you forgot about or weren’t too interested in to begin with, purely because of its ease. This is a piece you know will always be a hit.

For events in the summertime, I wear a sheer black strappy bodysuit and drape the jacket over my shoulders to keep it cool, effortless, but powerful. I add leopard print heels for an extra dash of dominance.

In the winter, I do the jacket up and drape over a long black wool coat with thick shoulder pads. The bigger the pads the better.

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Dr. Martens Jadon boots.

I know, I know "everyone has these". But they are the epitome of longevity, a serial outfit repeaters' dream.

They are my off-duty runarounds and give me that “stay out of my way” grungy attitude.

Easily paired with nearly any dress for summer or classic jeans and the long wool coat with thick shoulder pads for winter.

These are timeless and very easy to go with anything — proven by their extensive popularity.

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ZARA leather trousers.

These are great for when I want something more than jeans. Everyone has a go-to pair of jeans, but these are that for me. I have a pretty dark palette, so the texture of leather smoothens the feel of any outfit of mine and adds a more dynamic and confident approach to my look.

I’m in the UK so legitimate hot weather is rare, but on days when you don’t need the wool coat, I like to pair these trousers with a semi-sheer chiffon print shirt with an antique-style belt.

As usual, in the winter the wool coat is great for proportions as these aren’t skinny-fit. Pair with my docs and a jumper and we’re good to go.

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ZARA velvet kimono.

This is my robe around the house, my cover-up in light weather, my extra layer if it‘s cold, my grab-and-run jacket and my comforter. Everyone needs this piece. The large pattern and long length makes it great for sprucing up the most casual of outfits. If it’s fair weather, you’ll find a strappy satin maxi underneath. Pairing it with heels and nice jewellery easily turns this outfit into a great dinner look. If it’s cold I would be wearing something like jeans or my leather trousers. I pair them with my Docs for casual errands or long, heeled leather boots for more effort.

The key to transeasonal dressing is to never rule out any garment as just a one-season hit. 99 percent of the time, any garment can be reworked to fit multiple seasons and in turn, will add greater longevity to your wardrobe. There’s no need to buy a new wardrobe every season, save that money! Oh, and it helps the environment... It’s a win-win. Just buy it because you love it, not because it’s trendy.

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By Chesca Deans.


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