NOMARCH is a new fashion label from the UK, founded in 2018 by then 19-year-old Chesca. The name NOMARCH came from the admiration of the 1963 portrayal of Cleopatra by Elizabeth Taylor, along with the love of the intricate details of ancient Egyptian art, both of which lead to the discovery of the word "Nomarch" meaning leader in ancient Egypt. The meaning of Nomarch encapsulates the aim of the fashion label as it is important to Chesca for people to express their individuality and lead their own version of fashion whether it conforms to popular trends or not. 

Having studied business and economics, it was clear to Chesca that starting up her own business was the way to go. With her profound adoration and extensive knowledge of the fashion industry, she combined both business and fashion to develop NOMARCH.

Chesca's most recent release is her Dream Edition collection. The Dream Edition collection features an exclusive range of handmade lingerie pieces - sold as sets and separates - which comprises of bralettes and thong back bottoms. The collection is brought together by three styles which encapsulates the three key vibes of Chesca herself. She states "The Heartbreakers style is a very delicate and flirty design and really elucidates how I feel when I want to exaggerate my own sense of femininity." When discussing the meaning behind the name of this style she continues that "Each piece is named in a very personal manner - they all resemble something of my likes or my character. So, for the Heartbreakers pieces, I named them after Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers because I am massively stuck in the 70s - musically, fashion-wise and in many other ways - and I had on a Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty song when designing this collection and I thought Heartbreakers was perfect for this style." For the Morticia set she details how her hair was the influence for this style. "I have extremely long dark hair and pretty pale skin so I always get called Morticia. My sister probably calls me Morticia more than my actual name." The Morticia set is a very specific and unusual set in terms of the fabric used. "What I love about the Morticia set is that the fabric is not what you would expect. It's a burnout black velvet and is a bit on the thicker side of fabric for lingerie but it was all the more reason to pick it. I have a very black side to me, black is very much my happy colour, I feel it has gives a mysterious depth to my look - especially with my long dark hair. I'm not gothic, it just love the enigmatic concept of black." The collection also features her Indiana set. "The Indiana set is the ultimate comfort underwear. It is so smooth and soft, everyone who has it says they just want to sleep in it. Lingerie and underwear can be so stiff and uncomfortable that no one would dream to sleep in it, so to hear feedback like that is really great because it shows I've ticked a difficult or rare box. It's also leopard print, so it's got that added flare where it's comfortable and timelessly stylish."

Shop the latest pieces from Chesca Deans Dream Edition collection of handmade lingerie pieces and stay tuned on our Instagram for the latest offers and new style arrivals. 

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