Hey, I'm Chesca Deans and welcome to the portal inside my mind. Dive into my brand, my practices and my visions below and learn a little about what I do.

leopard set orange chair.jpg

From what feels like a polar dimension from fashion, I was a javelin thrower for England previously and my life revolved around sports. In the background was fashion and it was only a matter of time until that prevailed and became the direction of my career.

With my profound adoration and extensive knowledge of the fashion industry, I began selling a small portion of my designs in lingerie to friends and mutuals. Having gained interest and reaching the point of wanting to share my pieces with a wider audience, I introduced my website.

Here, I bring to you my small Dream Edition collection - originally a 3 piece made-to-order collection of handmade bralettes and bottoms all constructed using fabrics and materials that are locally sourced from other small/family-run businesses around the UK. It was important to me to provide pieces that were formed on the basis of high ethical standards and sustainable practices. 

Each style encapsulates the three key elements of my own sense of self. The Heartbreakers style is a black-backed floral stretch lace that is very delicate and flirty and really elucidates how I feel when I want to exaggerate my own sense of femininity. The Indiana style is a smooth stretch leopard print that is timeless in style and is the ultimate comfort set. Lastly, is the Morticia style. This set is a very specific and unusual set in terms of the fabric I use. It is a black burnout velvet that is a little on the thicker side in terms of lingerie.  I have a very black side to me, black is very much my happy colour, I feel it gives a mysterious depth to my look - especially with my long black hair. I'm not gothic, I just love the enigmatic concept of black.

I have a large catalog of new designs kept away and have intentions of slowly bringing them out onto this website bit by bit.

In the future, My main ambition is to swap handmaking my own wardrobe as a hobby and integrate clothing into this brand. 

Be sure to follow @nomarchofficial on Instagram to watch my designs crawl out of the shadows and @chescadeans to watch me crawl out of the shadows every now and then too. 

Stay Dreamy.

With love,


"Some say illusions are her game
Wrap her in velvet

Does anyone know her name?" - Stevie Nicks